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Hear from Our Supported Students

Hear from Our Supported Students

Japanese Study Abroad Students


School of Letters 4th Year
Monash University, Australia

My research and language skills improved by studying abroad

I learned social linguistics at Monash University, which is famous for research in linguistics. I compared the theoretical and actual aspects of languages based on gender, age, social status, etc. In addition to understanding the language in newspapers and the Internet, by transcribing and verifying recorded conversations, etc., I feel that I could do a convincing research. Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to fully enjoy a stress-free study abroad experience. I hope to play active roles in the world by making good use of my language skills that were improved through studying abroad.


*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Letters 3rd Year
Ewha Womans University, South Korea

The warm support from you is a source of high motivation

I studied in Korea in order to compare Japan and Korea in psychological point of view. Other than learning Korean language, I learned about the field of my study in English at the university. I was able to explore human universality and the influence on the inner aspects of culture and the environment on human thoughts. I became aware of the connection between life and study, and now I also become interested in more diverse fields. During my study abroad, I was always motivated to take advantage of the opportunities provided by this scholarship, which has led to my personal growth.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Letters 3rd Year
France / Germany

Realizing the differences in values by comparing Japan and Europe

I participated in an overseas training on comparative study of Japanese and European linguistics, and in France, I performed Rakugo in French. Based on the reactions of local audience, I could appreciate the differences in sense of humor compared to Japanese audience. I realized that the set of values are different in Japan and other countries. I am considering working in the media industry in the future, and I would like to further deepen my understanding and hope that I can meet the expectations of those who have supported me.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Law 4th Year
University of Ottawa, Canada

I want to make my study-abroad experience with the scholarship worth while

I became interested in human rights after meeting people who appreciate diversity during an overseas training during my first year with the support from the Foundation. Because of that, I went to Ottawa University to learn about conflict studies and human rights professionally. I learn about the relationship between conflicts and human rights, as well as the harmful effects of excessive arguments on human rights, and I was able to deepen my understanding. In the future, I would like to become a lawyer that deals with law cases related to foreigners, and I am convinced that my study-abroad experience through this scholarship will be a positive contribution for my goal.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Informatics and Sciences 4th Year
Uppsala University, Sweden

Study abroad as a chance to experience and appreciate diversity

I went to Uppsala University to study politics from the point of view of mass media. After studying Swedish and trying to deepen my understanding on social backgrounds and cultures, I validated the discussions on “Me Too” movement, which is related to sexual harassment, through government-related social media platforms. Through group activities with Nordic and Asian students, I was able to review my fixed ideas. The scholarship supported me as the first step to live abroad with a peace of mind.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Engineering 3rd Year
France / Germany

I learned about city planning by walking through cities with my own feet

As I major in architecture, I participated in a training in Europe to observe European architecture. A lecturer from a local university teacher guided me through the city, where I learned about a historic cathedral and town planning that involves participation of its citizens. In addition, through the training, I was able to rediscover the charms of Nagoya. I am grateful for the scholarship in removing the hurdles of studying abroad and providing me with a very valuable experience.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Agriculture 4th Year
Australian National University

By pursuing my favorite subjects, I am able to have problem awareness

The scholarship has given me opportunities to spread my wings across national borders. I could learn in an environment that combines natural and social sciences, such as earth science and environmental economics, in the university where I studied abroad. There, I learned about the real situations of environmental refugees, allowing me to have knowledge to be involved in solving environmental problems. In addition, I became interested in discussing with different parties to derive conclusions, which helped me to determine my own future.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Letters 3rd Year
Thailand/ Uzbekistan/Germany/Switzerland

Support not only for now, but for the future

Using my long vacation periods, I participated in short term study abroad programs on three different occasions. This involved giving presentations on Japanese culture in Europe, conducting investigations into local cultures in Thailand and Uzbekistan. Through these experiences, I was able to learn how to conduct fieldwork and to build human relations. The foundation's support opens up opportunities which the students probably thought were impossible. Thank you very much for giving me the support and experiences that will continue to help me in the future.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Economics 4th Year
University of Florida, US

Fueled my motivation to learn on a higher global leve

I wanted to learn about the latest developments in economics so I decided to go to the University of Florida and major in mathematical economics. In the first semester of my study abroad, I was struggling just to keep up using English. However, in my second semester, I was able to participate in discussions, and get high marks on my reports. I think because the scholarship money does not have to be returned after, it encourages motivated students to work harder, and allows students to raise the reputation of Nagoya University and Japan around the world. I hope that this support is continued further and given to those who come after me.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Medicine Department of Health Sciences 4th Year
University of Leeds, UK

To become a pediatric nurse with a global perspective

In order to accomplish my dreams of becoming a pediatric nurse, while at the University of Leeds, I actively took classes in education, psychology, and medical fields that deal with child development. While learning about issues facing children around the world such as poverty, my English conversation abilities also improved. I think that I was able to gain useful skills that can help me treat patients from abroad. Owing to the foundation's support, I was able to have a very fulfilling study abroad experience.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Engineering 3rd Year
University of Kentucky, US

Hard work and diligence abroad helped me develop in big ways

At the University of Kentucky, I took courses in subjects such as communication and forensic science, which can be applied in inorganic chemistry and criminal investigation. I studied topics such as fingerprint identification, which I have only seen in dramas. I also worked together with native students in giving presentations in my classes. These valuable experiences allowed me to further develop myself. After studying abroad, I have started to think about continuing on to graduate school or working overseas. In such ways, the foundation's support has expanded my future possibilities.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Humanities, 4th Year
Monash University, Australia

All of my experiences have helped to forge me into the person I am today.

While engaging enthusiastically in my study of linguistics, I learned that there were various other approaches to the discipline applied around the world, and so a desire to go overseas and learn more began to rise within me. Then I received the opportunity to attend Monash University in Australia as an exchange student for a year. Beyond developing in my area of specialization, the academic approaches of my instructors and fellow students also impacted me greatly. At first, English communication turned out to be more difficult than I expected, and in fact became the greatest frustration of my life so far. However, through these experiences I was able to truly feel how vast the world is, and in the process I acquired the inner strength to think positively about such difficulties. Without the support of the Foundation, I never would have been able to consider studying abroad, and I never could have become the person I am now. I truly am grateful.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


Graduate School of Engineering, Master's Course 1st Year
University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Tashkent State University of Law, Uzbekistan

I came to know how vast the world is by seeing it with my own eyes.

In my third year of university I visited Uzbekistan. Although the subjects offered by the universities there were different from my area of specialization, I participated in the program for the sake of experiencing a foreign culture. I had many valuable experiences while there, including taking classes taught in English and spending time with my homestay family. At first I only thought of Uzbekistan as an inland desert country, however through my visit I came to know many things, such as its cities developed into tourist destinations and its enormous roadways, as well as how public order in the country differs from Japan. Through this experience I have cultivated an attitude of throwing out biased assumptions in order to see things as they are with my own eyes. It is owing to your support that so many students like me are able to take their first steps out into the world beyond Japan. I am deeply grateful for all of your warmhearted support.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Humanities, 4th Year
Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France

Learning language as it is really spoken in its homeland has inspired me to take a more positive approach to my studies.

As I wanted to engage in Japanese - French comparative literature studies while improving my French language skills, I studied at Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University for 10 months beginning from the second semester of my third year at Nagoya University. In addition to French history, during my time there I also learned about French literary history and comparative literature. It was not easy to take classes taught in French, but I was able to learn a lot regardless through diligent preparation for classes and review of the material, as well as the help of my classmates. Furthermore, living in France allowed me to truly experience French as a living language, and so now I am even more positive in my approach to my language studies. I am grateful to all who donate to the Foundation, because without its support I would not have been able to have this experience. I will definitely spread the word to my juniors: that they do not need to be deterred by costs, that there is a financial support system in place to help them take on bigger challenges in their studies.

*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.

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