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President Message

Giving to Our University

Starting with the temporary Hospital and Medical School established in 1871, Nagoya University has striven to produce world-leading academic outcomes and to develop courageous intellectuals who lead our society for more than 150 years. Nagoya University is the youngest among the former imperial universities (founded in 1939). After World War II, it started from nearly zero, having extremely limited resources, even though it was one of the imperial universities.


Since then, the University has developed with a lot of kind support from the local community, and afterward, high-performing young faculty members gathered from all over the country, who created a free and open atmosphere with no hierarchy. Such an “environment” of Nagoya University has generated 6 Nobel Prize winners who have been affiliated with the University since the beginning of the 21st century until now, and our many graduates have come to play central roles in various fields. For these achievements, we are grateful for the support of all our donors.

Based on these traditions and environment, our mission is to become one of the top-tier universities to better compete with institutions around the world. To accomplish the mission, we aim to advance our world-class education and cutting edge research both in humanities and sciences, and to realize an attractive campus chosen by students and researchers from around the world. At the same time, as a university rooted in one of Japan’s main manufacturing clusters, we will also pursue the equally important goal of contributing to innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration.

In order to achieve these goals, it is crucial to further strengthen the “Nagoya University Foundation”, an independent source of funding for the University. To that end, your understanding and support are indispensable. We look forward to even stronger support and contributions to Nagoya University Foundation.


SUGIYAMA Naoshi, President of Nagoya University