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Story - Supported student interview

Story - Supported student interview


Feeling supported was actually a great help to me during my study abroad. It made me have a sense of responsibility in a positive way.

In my college life, I have studied at different overseas institutes: first, I participated in a language training program held in the United States in my first year of the undergraduate course, which motivated me to participate in more opportunities to study abroad. Then, I participated in the Global Professional Program at Monash University in my second year and the student exchange program at Singapore Management University in my third year. Since I was interested in the diversity of Japanese companies and the economic development of Asian countries, the interaction with students and citizens from various countries further deepened my interests in my research themes.
The programs I participated in covered more content than I expected. I had very tough days, especially at the Singapore Management University. I faced the language barrier and experienced advanced contents of lectures, and teamwork and competition with colleagues from many countries. Every day, I wore out my nerves with a sense of frustration and inferiority that I had never experienced before. I was forced to realize what the real world was and what being global meant.
Support from Nagoya University allowed me to sustain my motivation to learn far away from home. In other words, the scholarships and many facets of support received from administrative staff members of Nagoya University was a great help. I actually felt "I am being supported" and this feeling provided me with a sense of responsibility in a positive way.
In the future, I would like to launch my original international projects. Because of the significant amount of support I received from the University, I would also like to give back to students at Nagoya University by giving advice to students on scholarships and studying abroad based on my experiences.


Mr. Ryosuke Watanabe: 4th year of the School of Economics (as of the time of interview)
Successfully accepted for the Student Exchange Program Fall 2018 - Spring 2019: Singapore Management University
Previously, he also participated in the North Carolina Training Program and was accepted for the incentive program for students studying abroad (short-term) in the first year of the undergraduate program, and participated in the Monash University training in the second year of the undergraduate program.