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Special Funds

Support for a specific school, graduate school, or project

  • 画像1-0Educational Support

    Educational Support Project for students who are in need of financial help

    Your donation will be used to support Nagoya University Students who have difficulty continuing their studies for financial reasons. This project encourages talented students as well as their motivation to learn.

  • 画像1-1Research Supprort

    Supporting Young Researchers/ Promoting the support for young researchers

    This project is intended for young researchers and doctoral students who have a hard time finding their permanent academic jobs, with the goal of providing financial support needed to improve their skills as a researcher.

Support for Sciences and Engineering

  • 画像2-1Engineering

    School of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering Support Program for Students and Researchers

    Focusing on the development of the educational and research environment for nurturing talented human resources leading to future Nobel Laureates.

  • 画像2-2Blue LED

    Nagoya University Designated Fund for Blue LED & Future Materials

    Realizing an environmental innovation for our children's future

  • 画像2-3Agriculture

    School of Agricultural Sciences and Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences Support Program

    Aiming to promote agricultural education and research that will open up the future of the earth and humankind

  • 画像2-4ITbM

    Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Support Program

    Change the world with molecules

  • 画像2-5Pharmaceutical

    Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Support Program

    Cultivating talented individuals to undertake the researches in next generation of pharmaceutical sciences and contribute to human health and well-being.

  • 画像2-6Science

    School of Science:Students Support Program

    Cultivate future leaders of the Society from the School of Science

  • 画像2-7Mathematics

    Mathematics Students Support Program

    For education of young people with mathematical proficiencies and global visions.

Support for Humanities and Social Sciences

  • 画像2-9Asian Legal Professionals

    Asian Legal Professionals Support Program

    “To remain the top-runner in promoting legal assistance in Asia”

  • 画像2-10Business Intellectuals

    Business Intellectuals Development Support Program

    By improving the environment for educational and research activities and providing learning support for undergraduate and graduate students, we will work to develop human resources with the qualities required of economic intellectuals

  • 画像2-11Education

    School of Education and Graduate School of Education and Human Development Support Fund

    We plan and implement the development of learning facilities and support for education and research, and support and train undergraduate and graduate students and young researchers

  • 画像2-1275th Anniversary of Letters

    75th Anniversary of the School of Letters: Research Basis Development Support Program

    To create an environment where books are effectively utilized for the future of the humanities

Support for Medical Sciences

  • 画像2-14Future Medical Human Resource

    Future Medical Human Resource's Development Support Program

    A baton of Life, a supreme gift in the future. - Empowering young medical personnel with a dream

  • 画像2-15Hospital

    Nagoya University Hospital Support Project

    Providing high-quality and cutting-edge medical technology and leading next generation of medicine

  • 画像2-16Healthcare Leader

    Next-Generation Healthcare Leader Development Support Program

    Nurture the next-generation healthcare scientists

  • 画像2-17150th Anniversary of Medicine

    The 150 Anniversary Support Project of Nagoya University Foundation for Development of Infrastructure of School of Medicine

    For improving the infrastructure of the School of Medicine to accelerate innovation.

Support for Other Programs

  • 画像2-19Female Leader

    Female Leader Development Support Program

    Please make a donation to the Female Leadership Fund to support women leaders who build the future.

  • 画像2-20Startups

    Support Program for University-based Startups

    We are supporting University start-ups financially and technically, and also fostering entrepreneurship among researchers and students of Nagoya University.

  • 画像2-21Library

    Nagoya University Library Support Fund

    Support for a venue to study and explore:
    Develop the next generation’s study environment and preserve rare books for improved utilization

  • 画像2-22Gender

    Fund for Gender Equality and Justice

    We pursue the goal of realizing gender equality at Nagoya University by increasing the percentage of female faculty members and women leaders.

  • 画像2-23Affiliated Upper and Lower Secondary School

    Affiliated Upper and Lower Secondary Schools 75th Anniversary Project to Support Globalization

    Support our youth leading the way to the future.

  • 画像2-24PhD Professional

    PhD Professional Program Support Foundation

    For the purpose of providing Stipends, Housing subsidies and Overseas Training Expenses support to program students

  • 画像2-25Museum

    Nagoya University Museum Support Funds

    Toward a new vision to shape a more interactive museum

  • 画像2-26Disaster Mitigation Public Outreach

    Disaster Mitigation Public Outreach Program for Protecting our Future Generations

    In Pursuit of Saving Lives and Livelihoods from Disasters

  • 画像2-27Egypt

    Integrated Research on Ancient Egypt: IRAE

    Groundbreaking archaeology: the latest technologies shed new light on the greatest mystery of the ancient world

  • 画像2-28Rowing Club

    Nagoya University Rowing Club Boathouse Fund

    A proud tradition of excellence

  • 画像2-29Supporting the cultivation of doctoral students

    Project for supporting the cultivation of doctoral students

    Cultivating transdisciplinary professional leaders in the world,Nagoya University GTR,DII,TMI support

  • 画像2-30Encouragement by Business Entities

    Encouragement Scholarship Program by Business Entities

    Continuous grant-type scholarship program that aims to support the development of talented individuals who will lead the next generation, with donations from private companies

  • 画像2-31Supporting Human Resources on Environmental Studie

    Supporting program for Human Resources on Environmental Studies

    Fostering the next generation of environmental professionals with a broad perspective and awareness of issues

  • 画像2-32Research on Food and Health

    Interdisciplinary Research on Food and Health Support Project

    For promoting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research to solve global issues regarding food and health.

  • 画像2-33Startup

    Support Program for Activities Related to Startups

    We are supporting University start-ups from before to after starting a business seamlessly at Nagoya university, and we will promote the formation of Startup Ecosystem.

  • 画像2-34Sailing Club

    Fundraising to support Nagoya University Sailing Club

    Financially help Nagoya University Sailing Club to improve activity environment and pursue good results in competitions such as the intercollegiate tournament.