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Naming Opportunities

Our Top Donors

Naming Opportunities

Based on the intentions of our top donors, those who contribute a large sum to the university may have naming opportunities to commemorate the donation.

Named Scholarships


Geta no Hanao Scholarship

“Pay it forward.” This scholarship was established by a graduate of Nagoya University who was inspired by these words from a woman who gave him a strap to repair a broken sandal. It awards scholarship to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance, but find it difficult to continue their studies due to financial hardship.


Hoshizaki Scholarship

This scholarship was established with a donated shares of the Sakamoto Donation Foundation Corporation, which was established by the Chairman & CEO of  Hoshizaki Corporation (a food service equipment manufacturer) and his wife. It provides a grant-type scholarship to students in need of financial assistance based on the intention of Mr. and Mrs. Sakamoto who hope to “support prospective students that want to learn about manufacturing.”

Named Research Grants


Makoto Maki Memorial Research Grant

This Grant gives support to young researchers in the field of engineering who are creating remarkable achievements or advancing seminal studies through a donation from the late Makoto Maki (securities etc.), the founder of the Melco Group, of which the most recognized brand is "Buffalo," a personal computer peripheral equipment brand. By supporting young researchers, this Grant aims to promote academic research.


Research infrastructures support project by NAKASHIMA family (Mr. Hiroshi NAKASHIMA and his ancestors)

This project aims to maintain the university’s research infrastructures and offers financial support when those facilities need to be repaired.

NAKASHIMA family, who affirms the promotion of a common use of the university’s facilities and machines, supports this program.

Named Buildings


Okuma Machine Tool Engineering Building

Okuma Corporation, headquartered in Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi Prefecture, is one of Japan's leading machine tool manufacturers. The Corporation started with Okuma Noodle Machinery Co., which was established by Eiichi Okuma in Nagoya in 1898. In April 2020, with a donation from the Corporation, the Okuma Machine Tool Engineering Building celebrated its completion in the Higashiyama Campus. The bond between the Corporation and Nagoya University dates back to 1939. The Corporation and Nagoya University have conducted joint research projects and established scholarships, and the Corporation has given donations to the University for supporting research projects. To date, many graduates of the University have been employed by the Corporation.