G30 Undergraduate Student

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G30 Undergraduate Student


School of Letters 4th Year
From Singapore

I could grow more than I imagined by concentrating on my study and club activities

By using a Japanese-language women’s magazine published in Taiwan in the 1930s, I examined how the concept of “good wife, wise mother” spread across Asia. Although I did not have any Japanese language skills when I arrived in Japan, now I have passed JLPT N1. I am also learning Japanese culture in the field of traditional archery. I am grateful for all the support during my growth in the last 4 years. I would like the world to know how wonderful Nagoya University is.


*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Law 4th Year
From South Korea

Your warm support opened up a new world

I was drawn to study at Nagoya University by the opportunity to study alongside international students from all over the world, in addition to learning the Japanese language. Receiving this scholarship, I was able to devote my time to my academics, leading to passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N1. I was also able to experience studying in Canada as an exchange student. No matter where I go in the future, I am confident that I can continue to grow as a global citizen with an open mind and diverse perspectives. This wonderful opportunity is due to the warm support of everyone.


*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Science 2nd Year
From Kuwait

Aiming for new discoveries that will lead to the next Nobel Prize

As a child, making robots in Japan was a dream of mine. Due to Nagoya University having a professor who was previously awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, I decided to study in Japan. If you understand all the workings of space, the things you can accomplish are unlimited. With this in mind and creativity, I want to make discoveries that change modern physics theory as we know it. I will work my best to live up to the expectations of everyone that is supporting me to make my dreams come true.


*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Economics, 4th Year
From Vietnam

I’m able to devote myself entirely to my studies and volunteer work.

I've been interested in Japanese culture since I was a child, as my mother used to be a researcher at the Nagoya University Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center*. I have since been able to come to Japan myself for the purpose of studying economics, thanks to the Nagoya University Foundation. In addition to my studies, I engage in volunteer work translating tourist information on the Chubu region into Vietnamese from English. Every day I am grateful for my scholarship, since I would not be able to enjoy my life as I do without it. Going forward I would like to continue my studies at the graduate level before working in Japan. In the more distant future, I would like to obtain a position in the government of my home country and put my experiences to use in addressing poverty and promoting economic development. I also want to support students who dream of studying abroad in Japan as I have.
*Now the Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE)


*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.


School of Science, 3rd Year
From Vietnam

I aim to become a researcher by first studying at a prestigious research university.

I’ve always been interested in the mysteries of the universe and of matter, and so it has become my goal to work as a researcher in physics. I feel very honored to be able to study at Nagoya University, a world-famous institution that produces numerous Nobel Prize winners. On the other hand, since I first came to Japan, I have seen how advanced Japanese technology is and have grown conscious of the gap between Vietnam and Japan. This has led me to set another goal in addition to becoming a capable scientist: to contribute to the development of science education in my home country. To realize these ambitions, and so that I may begin to develop original ideas as a researcher, I will work hard to build up my research experience and deepen my knowledge of my field. Your donations in support of these dreams of mine have been greatly encouraging. I will work as hard as I can to meet your expectations.


*Affiliation and grade level are the same as at the time of interview.

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